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Monday, February 15, 2010

Spiritual Fantasy

Such a vast topic "Spiritualism",i have chosen to write about.Technically, there is no brief or elucidated definition of spiritualism exists.Spiritualism is the word derived from Spirit,which does not lead to haunting or scary parts of the stories about spirits we have heard of.
Spiritualism exists differently for different people ,it can be meditation,workaholism or trance like state which the Human mind goes in when we are refering to emotional tragedy or joyfulness which he or she relates himself to.
   Why Sufi and other trance music leads us to spirtualism?Cannot the Rap or Jazz make us feel like the spiritual feel of Almighty.Sufi music consists of the preaches given by some of the old respected saints who have spent their lives in search of the differentiation of the Good and evil,Light and Dark ,Life and death and a life after death.This consists of all the preachings given to us by our Grand parents or parents when we were Kids and thats what actually is leading to the Humanity and social causes of the life.
This gives us an eternal feel of the Joy as we actually were born to do so what we were taught but somewhere down the line we have missed the track and headed towards a Journey with No destination.
They say "You are born to pray and remember Almighty ,not only in the time of need as if you pray to him always all needs will have no meaning and you willbe free of all the desires."
   Desire is something that leads us to work harder than our capability and sometimes it leads us to right path and sometimes to teh wrong path.No decisions are made but path are just being followed by us as we dont have any control of our mind or heart over our destiny.
  Destiny does not always refers to Death,but it refers to what we are born to do?
In old myths,Society was being divided into persons based on their actions.Some of the persons are skillful of Courage and on the other hand some people only have the materialistic desires,Some are born to pray almighty while the others are confident of themselves.Some enjoy leading positions and others enjoy taking them off from there.
World was ,is and always will be full of the contradiction and that what is the enjoy of being alive.Spirituality makes us to concentrate what actually we have to do and what we are leading to to fulfill the destination of eternity.Ecstasy never end with fascination,and fascination leads to enthusiam which intern is leading to the destination as entusiam of a person is different from the other one.
Some are vigilant and others are not but they all have their own destination of eternity.Spiritualism is the path for the destination of Life or the life after death.
       "None has understood thy meaning of World created by you.
                 None will understood the You as thy dont want us to.
        Born with a determination and die with the same.
                 Lord is there ,just call his Name."

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  1. nice but it shuld be sme whar original looks copy paste at some places


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