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Saturday, January 2, 2010

War of Words : Verbatim Vs Intentions (FPS n 3i)

My roomy want me to take for 3i,no doubt the biggest controversial film today.Who is the real author of the movie.A big question mark?'N' no. of fans of CB are claiming the movie is not as good as book (as per Chetan himself).I do have read the book before and seen the movie today itself.
     Chetan wants the credit for his baseline story and he is making the media count for the Verbatim of the movie director "After all, we love writers and a king should treat another king with respect. You are family"(~ something like that ).I have read the blog of Mr. Chetan Bhagat and what he is trying to claim is out of my reach.He is saying he should be given the Credit for the Script writer,though he has already been given the credit of Assistant Writer.And on the other hand he has given Mr.Amir Khan a clean chit saying he has not read the book so it has nothing to do with  him.He has already been given the Compensation for his Assistant writer title in film.Considering the Verbatim of the Amir "Chetan came to me during shooting the film and said there is no need to read  the book as script is very different from the book"
      I am not very sure about his demands from film or film unit.Yes they do have taken some scenes from his books but the entire story or the Basic theme of the story is no where related to the book.He is a good novel Writer and I do appreciate his writing among the Common people of India.He wrote FPS with the basic Subtitle as "What not to do at IIT" so his fable was going around the same fascination.Though the zeal and heart of the movie lies around Mr.AK and they have treated him as the Center of Attention in the whole film.Chetan has given the kind of Biographical fictional views in his book while the movie goes around the intention change of the Educational System.
     Yes,both of them have tried to put some humorous as well as emotional touch to the story and they do deserve a pat on their back for making such an intesified and brilliant fable which the actual Cinema and writing deserve in INDIA.Mr.Amir Khan was and is a brilliant actor in every aspect.No doubt in saying, Amir is One Man Army.Chetan is groping around with intention of getting a tag of the Reformist which he has played in his latest book (2 States) with the kind of Publicity, he can get by raising this Credit issue.I wonder why he has not made any issue or contradictory statment when "Hello" was released which is based on his novel "1 Night @ Call Center".May be because it was not a big blockbuster.Yes he was the Script writer of "Hello" but that technically implies that he is a bad script writer though may be a good novel Writer.
    Coming back to comparison,recently released "New Moon" which is also based on Stephnie Meyer's "Twilight Saga"can also be the part of the such kind of controversy as there are many missing part in the movie from the fable of the Book.
    Fictional fantasies are and will always be uncomparable in writing and screen.Rather, you can relate the two easily and amiss can never be rectified.
    This fancy word war will last for few days more in media and will burn out of the mind of Public till they get some new Masala to digest.My empathy is with Mr.Chetan and suggestion not to take it personally and go to ISCKON (unless he really want to go there and become a Krishna's bhagat).He should keep up his humrous and cheerfull skill if he really want to be a reformer then a revolutionist.We can hope for "ALL IS WELL" mantra to work for both the parties to come out of their dilemma.

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