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Sunday, December 20, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar

People are watching the new 3D flick launched recently with a high passion and great enthusiasm.
My hats off to James Cameron not only for making such an articulative and imaginative Hollywood flick which is rocking world but also his knowledge of internet loving GenX. Choosing the subject "Avatar" which is basically popular among the new generation folks,which technically refers to their new personification on Internet.Actually these folks are new generation dude who thought themselves of a new incarnation and taking out their frustration keyboard by twittering , chatting ,blogging ( no doubt like me).Avatar is the character technically made for the guys like us who are introducing new breed in every area of the knowledge,communication,politics,engineering,medicine and so on .This is making the people more democratic and eloquent to express their ways of making the world a better place to live in. Avatar also refer to the people who are living dual lives Simultaneously, one which they actually want to live ,life of imagination, of fairy tales and breaking boundaries to show the world who they are and they also have got an unique global identity which they can name themselves (coolguy, nicegal ,mjohn ......) and other one as boring,realistic and following unwanted Orders.Avatar has all the qualities pref etched into the character they want to be.
No doubt Avatar is a GenX's first choice which leaves an impression of vigilant,susceptible and ambitious human beings who are really in hunger of being what they want to be and not what they can be.Technically speaking ,they are auspicious species who are connecting world of spiritualism to the modern Era of technology.Their network is Global,charm is undying and spirit is energetic.
And you know what the best part of taking an avatar on internet is, you are anthropomorphic.
You can play GOD with a syringe of undying Power and incarnate yourself to the more masculine or feminine nature you want to play.
The Avatar on internet gives the individual a power of influential perception among their Own Global network as well as can make it public.GenX is really transforming itself to a way they are being influenced by.If they watch a Zombie movie and are thinking like that,they are the Zombie in their Avatar in next few minutes speculating the World with their newly developed imagination and fascination for fictional fantasies.
So James Cameron's Avataris actually worth watch,impressionable and full of valour.
3D effects are amazing and totally paisa wasool :).

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