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Monday, December 21, 2009

He's KHAN,Who you are??

"My Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist",such a confidential and emotional tone of SRK is heart touching for so many Indian-Muslims who are still facing the savage treatment within and outside their own country.Terror signifies what?A Race,A Creed or a man with beard.....actually what?
Actual meaning of Terror lies in ther heart of the people who had been haunted by the selfish nature of some of the cruel ,pitiless persons who are making the world to fulfill their unrealistic demands.Are all of them Khans? I don't know........may be ,may be not.Whoever they are,Obviously they are suffering from obsession of their cheap ruthless desires which they vaguely remember.Are they doing by their own will?dutifully speaking answer is a big 'NO'.Their malign nature is a result of the orderly tyrant who want to rule by slaying.
          Do we remember actually our aim of life?Statistically only 0.5-1 percent of Common man  do know his destination.Don't we belong to the selfish race trying to fufill its little desires for no purpose at all.Are we all not working for Someone we are unaware and technically making him acquainted to what he want or deserve.So comparing the facts and making a relationship we are Terrorists..right?Nay,Nay ..We cannot be terrorist we are socially civilized persons and we do know the meaning of respect and love for others.Actually we are the sophisticated class who knew how to raise their issues and have (mind) power to get those resolved.This is the only differentiation among us both.
           Terror hitherto had been a political isssue but  basically,it is and always was the issue of the common man.We all want to dodge the terror from our Society so threat should not be  there in the children of next generation.
           And to make it done we have have to know who we are and surely the list of irrfutable facts will help in resolution of this globally-social problem.

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