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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas with a Vampire

"Good evening!"he said to me in beautiful and calm tone as he walked around the lobby of my building .I was so stressed to look at the persons passing by."Good evening, Miss Gonsalvize"he repeated bowing down a little on his flat stomach so as to reach near to my face.
My eyes met his and a thought occured.........'He's really a breathtaking gentleman'....."Oh Yeah !Merry Christmas,Son"I replied  in a rough and shaky tone of a septuagenarian.He lived alone 2 apartment away from mine.He always used to pass morning ,noon and evening wishes when we see each other outside our main doors.
He urged"Just want to let you know ,I will be vaccating the apartment by the year end".
"You must be moving outside country,am I right?Hope you aren't Xenophobic"I smiled and replied.
"No mam,I am shifting to Santa Clara back to my parents" He answered.
"Oh thats great!Please visit us on Christmas"I said just to be formal.
"Surely I will"answering he walked away from me urgently hiding his face with hand to his apartmrent door and slammed the door.

It was Christmas eve and my friends get together was getting over at my apartment.As everyone left,Lisa and I were cleaning up the tables.Door bell rang.Lisa rushed to open the door and stopped suddenly.
"Merry Christmas!Is Miss Gonsalvize home?"he asked Lisa.
Lisa was shocked seeing such a beautiful young guy,she just giggled"Yeahhhh..she is in"
"If you don't mind Can I come in?"he said
"Yes.....Granny someone is here to see you"saying she ran to kitchen.
As I walked in to drawing room,he was standing with a beautiful gift wrapped perfectly in his hands.
"Merry Christmas,Mam!this is a small present for you"
"Presents are for children,I am too old for it"
"I am moving tonight,as You are the first one in this town to invite me for Christmas so I thought it will not seem good to go for christmas cake empty handed"so straightforwardly he urged.
"Please have a seat I wil bring some cake for you dear"
And we spent around 4 hrs talking,watching TV and cleaning up the mess in the house.
When he walked out he waved Good Byee to me and Lisa.
After he left,Lisa went to bed and as I was not feeling so tired was shuffling the TV channels.
And in that instant,it stucked "I have never asked the name of the guy visited,who he is,How he knoe my name?or why he joined us after Christmas Eve"
I rushed towards the pile of gifts wrapped around in the corner and started searching for the gift he gave to me.I unwrapped the present and found that there was a key,a square shaped wooden piece wrapped in a paper and a red colored scented paper on which something was scrubbled.
I grabbed by old specs from the table and started reading the letter.
I was unable to read it properly as writing was full of concatenated words written in Latin and English.
"Merry Christmas my child, May Lord bless you the power and exhilaro life!
te must be wondering who me?
Let me get it straight ,as there is nihil to hide here from te.
Alina,te are my friend's daughter.
Actually speaking,I am a Vampire.Your abbas is also a Vampire.
I know it is a kind of Crazy stuff for you at this age.
But your father and I are good friends for about a century now.
Infortunium,Nature also plays around with us when we are about to reach our Destiny.
It all began after you were born,Your father had discovered a new drug and went to Arctic Ocean for further research with me. 
 We went there and like a nightmare enatagled us that night.
We went to an old bar and were so drunk that returning from there fell down in cemetry and I felt a little pin stuck my throat.
That was our last night as human and morning we felt we were getting burned by the Sun,so ran into a cave at the end of cemetry.
We had been transformed already.Your abbas hunted a human at the park near by cemetry already and was feeling so guilty to himself.I fed my self on chickens and goats at the farm house.
When we were back home,a struggled was waiting for me to contol your father who had already developed a fascinated appeal for your mother's blood.
I remember once he said to me "I cannot control my self once she is near by as she is bearing my own personal manly scent in herself".
 Knowing this all,next morning we found your mother dead in her bed,she had commited suicide wanting us to change you also.But your father was against it.
Because of his already developed animal instinct,he decided to go back to the Groups of our type and I were given the responsibility of taking care of you.
As you were growing up and I  was not beacuse of my transformation,I decided to leave you to my nephew and was always around you,unagnosco.
Alina,I was always around you though you were not knowing me.You got married,had kids and now are alone again.
I was there with you always,whether you won or lose.
But now time has changed,I need to go back to your father.You are mortal and you have to die,how can I see you dying?
I have left the key of my apartment in this box,so as you can recollect the memories of your family.
The apartment has everything as it is,we had at the time you were born.
Its time to go Merry Christmas once again.

You will always be a Darling to us."
P.S. Don't come in our search as its your abbas wish.

Your Uncle !!
Monster Ben

I ran madly toward his apartment,opned the main door with the key and rushedin.Everything was in proper place,small wooden rack,a century old Kingsize bed,round old dinning table,a chandalier in the foyer.
Table in the corner was decorated with the snaps beautifully collaged in frames.
Everything was clean and covered with white clothes.
I was unable to sleep whole night.
Next morning,I asked watchman about my Uncle.He said in his 30 years here he has never seen the person coming in and out of the apartment.Though he used to go sometimes for long trips in nights.
No one in the neighbour was having any info of him.

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