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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flying Austerity

(This photograph showing a starving Sudanese child being stalked by a vulture won Kevin Carter the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for feature photography.)

How satisfactory it is for someone to fly in Cattle class or Business Class? If people are flying in a cattle class without any Objection of the Austerity though they are having piles of money in their International Bank Accounts. Even after being a NRI if they travel in cattle class of the cheap Local Trains still they are there to gather the data to show it to World that they are having skills to refer to the Problems of the Common man or the ones who are below Poverty lines
There can be two aspects to the Austerity ,first if they don’t want to make a show off to the world that they are from a place where there is no enough food to feed the people and keep on carrying out the phrases like "India Shining" to make the Nation a Global Power. Second, they are going to gather the data to represent the issues of the nation and win a Pulitzer or Nobel Price so as to get a Global Identity for themselves or if they are trying make the nation a better place for their Grandchildren to live in.
Whatever be the reason the basic thing the people of the nation and world are facing is never being represented in the similar fashion as they are. Good will is only gathered by the Presenter at last. So this becomes the Basic responsibility of the presenter to present the things in the such a fashion that they should not be a cause of issue and the trouble for the nation when we are heading toward getting a Global identity both economically as well as financially and also the issue being represented should lead to the solution of the basic root cause.
Flying Austerity and twittering should not cause a issue as it should be an individual's perspective and his own choice.
Basic funda of the overall representation of the issue should lead to the Solution without being a cause of the hindrance in the existing leading steps that has already being taken. Overall picture of Austerity or the Cattle class should be eloquent in itself.

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  1. good going..nice article ..nice words ..and pointing the s0cial ethics grt

    keep it on the fly but not aith austerity



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