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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Famous Infamy

We are dealing with the hot current affairs of Nobel and Booker prizes which are being awarded to the most deserving candidates in different area of their expertise or non-expertise,it depends on an individual's prespective.
President Obama won the Nobel Prize for Peace though as per many critics he was non- deserving in a very small span of his Presidency.They also criticize him as he has not taken any deserving step to be winner.Let me ask you this way, what if he has won the prize for peace even if he is non deserving.Let him give a break guys,what are we challenging actually ,the authority of the jurors who have taken the decision.It leads to the question mark on the merit of the jurors themselves.
If a person at that kind of position is given such a big reward for whatever be the effort he has put, is not that lead to the a great responsibilty on him to keep the honour of the same.
These guys would be representing the new breed of their skills.
Another question mark present on the renowned brand says:Is there always a show off of Power and money behind deservence of a title?if some one is making a showoff of the Power and money for deservence of the title it means he is capable of making such a publicity that people are accepting with a huge respect for the person.What's bad in that this is his money whether it is inherited or earned by him own.He has a full right to spend it in a way he want it to.
What if he is spending it in earning of the publicity and name.
Whatever be the reason for earning publicity and renownship,it will always lead to the capability of the person who has owned it and will lead him to a challenge he has to face because of the same.Being famous is more easier in today's world either because of media or becuase of person's in-born talent or because of the marketing strategy taken by the individual.
Being famous will always lead to talent ownership.

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