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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hero for a Life time

The Greatest Trick the devil has ever played is creating the world , he didn't even exists Himself.

This is the story of a beautiful girl Angela , who lives in a beautiful small town of Hansburg. Angela is going to be 16 this year and this fascinates her a lot that she is going to touch 18 soon. For Angela life is a beautiful gift by GOD , she has everything , a grandpa who loves her a lot , a father who is a bank officer and want her to be the happiest person in the whole world.
Every other person in the Hansburg know her because of her cute little face and her dimpled innocent smile.She goes to church every Sunday to pray to the LORD but she don't know what to ask from the LORD except a little help during her Examinations so she can get through those scary papers and can get a beautiful gift from her father every year's end.
Angela was sitting alone in her room thinking that this vaccation will also get over after two days and like every other year in school , this year also she has to spend with her old class mates. Rough looking Bob who has never brushed his teeth will be smiling at her when she will enter into the class with his yellowish teeth. Her best friend Julia will sit next to her in the front row so as to get the attention of the classteacher that she hates a lot but has never told her.She was not excited to join this year in the same class but what she can do she has to join this Monday and again there will be same old Math , Physics , Chemistry , Biology ,Zoology books with new patterns in those.
As she was immersed in her thoughts of joining the class again, someone knocked at the door saying in a pleasent voice "Can I come in Darling?", it was her father Robert's voice.
She ran to the door to see his smiling face again that makes her happy too
"Dad! you don't need permission to enter in to my room" she said smiling at him.
"I dont wanna disturb your privacy darling" Robert said patting on her back
They sat on her bed and her father started saying "You know darling I always want you to give a better education in High profile school"
Angela replied with a cute expression on her face "Dad I am happy here in my school and you know how good friend I and Julia are , how can you expect me leave her"
Robert said "Thats what I am worried about, Julia's father came to bank today and told me that she will be joining the 'Wimbeldon school of Hansburg' this year onward"
Angela mused to herself "How can she she do it to me?"
Her father said "Ohh! I almost forgot the good news for you , Guess what ? You Dad is now promoted to the Manager"
Angela hugged him and cheerfully replied "I was knowing Dad you gonna make it this year, so whats the present for me"
Robert said "Whatever you ask for Darling and by the way I have filled the Admission form for you to join 'Wimbeldon school of Hansburg' this year onwards so you dont miss Julia in the class"
Angela was suddenly shocked and said "Guess What Dad ? You are the best Pa in the whole world"
It was Monday morning, Angela woke up early this morning and got ready for the school, she was so excited by the thought of joining the new school that she was not able to sleep the whole night properly
"How will be the new classmates?"
"How the campus will be ?"
"Will I be able to cope up with the standard of the kids studying there as they all will be from the family which is High society of the Town?"
"Will there be more homework teachers will give in this school?"
As she was juggling around with these questions in her mind she suddenly slept last night.

Angela was ready for school when she steep down the stair case from her room and went into the kitchen for her breakfast
Robert was already there and has also prepared her favourite Ornage juice and Sandwiches.
"Good Morning Dad" she greeted him.
"Good Morning Darling, You look Beautiful today"he replied
"Has Grandpa gone for a morning walk?" she asked
"Yes darling, So you want me to drop you to your new school as Julia's father called and said she will be joining from next week as she suddenly got viral last night" Robert informed her
"Ohh ! I will call her before we leave" she said
She had her breakfast and called Julia as her father waited outside in his car. Julia's father said its just a viral and she will be OK by this week and will join with her from next week onwards.She told him to pass her "Get Well soon" message to Julia and dropped the call.
She ran outside the main door and saw her Granpa coming.
Angela waved a good bye kiss to her Grandpa and jumped into her father's car.
"You seemed to be more charming darling" Robert said
"Dad , Beauty is in the eyes of beholder" she replied.
They started from their house and passed through the serpent road of the town with trees on both sides of it , as the population is less here so car was running on its full speed on the road track ,though she had already passed through the same road many a times but today it was different. Cold air hit her face and she was enjoying it closing her eyes as if she was in her own world untill the there was that bumpy voice passed through her ears
"PO! PO!" it was the car's horn
"Wake up from the day dream my little angel" Robert voice was there
She opened her eyes and there she was at the parking lot.
"Are we there Dad?" she asked
"Of course darling" Robert said
She jumped out of the car and turned around, she saw a beautiful huge building opposite to the parking lot and a big football ground was there on the left of the academic campus.
"Its the best gift for this year for me dad" she said to Robert
"Enjoy your day my child, i am getting late for office and yes! you know right where is your class?" Robert asked
"Dont worry Dad! i will manage everything" Angela said
"I will pick you up in evening"Robert said as the car started running on the track of the parking lot.
Angela turned around as she saw the Robert's car disappearing,the Huge Campus of the School was waiting for him.Boys skating in the ground before the Campus , girls walking in a group commenting on the Boys in the Ground.
She was lost in her thoughts , how big this campus is, will she be able to cope up with these High class students?Suddenly a voice from behind grabbed her attention "Hey! New Joinee?"
She turned around and saw a smart, good looking and well dressed Boy was standing with his school tie loosed around his neck.He was carrying a basket Ball in his hands
She replied shyly "Yes,its my first day here"
"Hey I am Robin.......Robin Mcgroy.Which standard you joined in?"
"Nice meeting you Robin.I joined in 10th standard.I am Angela by the way."
"Angela , do you mind if i walk you around the college?I have also been promoted to 10th standard this year"
"Ah!! ok" she replied in an unsatisfactory tone.She don't want to be a part of gossip in school walking around with boys.
They walked around the campus , the labs , the playground , the classes and finally passing through a big Library they reached their class.As they entered in to the class Robin quickly waved his hand to a girl sitting in the left-middle column seat of the class saying "Hey Marilia"
then turned to Angela saying"Angela,that's Marila Kirinus, my Girlfriend.Come I will introduce you to her"
Angela was saying"Thank God"to herself as she was now safe from the gossiping of her classmate.They walked near to Marilia and Robin sat next to her and introduced her to Marilia,who was a cool looking simple gal with a cute smile and a dimple on her left cheek.
they shook hand and angela started looking for a seat to occupy for rest of the day
In the last row a 2-person chair was vaccant.She quickly walked to the seat and occupied the window side of the seat.She found the envoirnment pretty cool here.
She was sitting idle and was looking for some stuff to work on and found that everyone was so busy among their own friends that no one was looking for the new student.
The bell rang and the Chemistry Professor Juila Marlin walked into the room.She cleaned the white board after entering in to the class and started drawing a complex cell arrangment on the white board.She was in the mid of completing her picture on white board as a voice grabbed everyone's attention at the door of the class " May I come in Mam?"
A young boy with green eyes and long golden hairs about 5'9" tall was standing at the door bowing his head down as she found him very shy.
"Late again Mr.Hubble?Any ways take a seat."She turned to the calss "We are going to discuss the Rault's Law of Pressure today"
The boy with goloden hairs was looking more confused and was looking for a seat to occupy.He was unable to find any seat other than the 2-chair seat where Angela was sitting out of which one was vaccant.
He quickly ran to the seat opened his leather bag in which everything was properly arranged , took out one book and started reading bowing his head in to the book.
He never looked to what Miss Julia was explaining to the class.
Only once in a day he was continuously staring her for 5 mins when she asked him to let her out of the seat to go out for lunch.
He didn't went for lunch or tea break.She thought either he was insane or is acting to be insane.
Any ways she has to concentrate on her studies rather than some rich insane guy.
The school was over and she started walking toward the gate along with her new classmate Marie ,who was a blond young girl.While they were walking she said "How is this guy Hubble?"
Marie replied in a uncaring tone "Ohh, You mean Edwin Hubble. He is smart ,intelligent always gets good marks in Science an maths but Overall i will give him -100.You know what beacuse of these guys only our parents used to force us for studies and get good marks ....100/100 anyways i am not of that type He is mad for studies I think"She had given such an explanatory answer to her that they reached the Robert's car till then.Robert was waiting for her in the car.
"Hey Angel!! how was the day ?" He asked in a nice humour
"It was great dad,She is Marie my new classmate" she said
"Heloo Marie you want me to drop you somewhere"Robert asked Marie greetingly
"No thankyou very much Sir! my Boyfriend is waiting for me"she replied.Angela was shocked that how open the kids are here in this school.
Robert and Angela waved to Marie and started the engine of the car and ran it on their way.
Suddenly a black BMW passed them in such a great speed that Angela's heart started pounding at a high rate.
"These new generation boys don't follow any traffic rules"Robert's voice was full of anger.
"Chill out Dad forget it "Angela want to calm him down.
And they headed toward their home.
3 (to be continued....)

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