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Monday, February 15, 2010

Spiritual Fantasy

Such a vast topic "Spiritualism",i have chosen to write about.Technically, there is no brief or elucidated definition of spiritualism exists.Spiritualism is the word derived from Spirit,which does not lead to haunting or scary parts of the stories about spirits we have heard of.
Spiritualism exists differently for different people ,it can be meditation,workaholism or trance like state which the Human mind goes in when we are refering to emotional tragedy or joyfulness which he or she relates himself to.
   Why Sufi and other trance music leads us to spirtualism?Cannot the Rap or Jazz make us feel like the spiritual feel of Almighty.Sufi music consists of the preaches given by some of the old respected saints who have spent their lives in search of the differentiation of the Good and evil,Light and Dark ,Life and death and a life after death.This consists of all the preachings given to us by our Grand parents or parents when we were Kids and thats what actually is leading to the Humanity and social causes of the life.
This gives us an eternal feel of the Joy as we actually were born to do so what we were taught but somewhere down the line we have missed the track and headed towards a Journey with No destination.
They say "You are born to pray and remember Almighty ,not only in the time of need as if you pray to him always all needs will have no meaning and you willbe free of all the desires."
   Desire is something that leads us to work harder than our capability and sometimes it leads us to right path and sometimes to teh wrong path.No decisions are made but path are just being followed by us as we dont have any control of our mind or heart over our destiny.
  Destiny does not always refers to Death,but it refers to what we are born to do?
In old myths,Society was being divided into persons based on their actions.Some of the persons are skillful of Courage and on the other hand some people only have the materialistic desires,Some are born to pray almighty while the others are confident of themselves.Some enjoy leading positions and others enjoy taking them off from there.
World was ,is and always will be full of the contradiction and that what is the enjoy of being alive.Spirituality makes us to concentrate what actually we have to do and what we are leading to to fulfill the destination of eternity.Ecstasy never end with fascination,and fascination leads to enthusiam which intern is leading to the destination as entusiam of a person is different from the other one.
Some are vigilant and others are not but they all have their own destination of eternity.Spiritualism is the path for the destination of Life or the life after death.
       "None has understood thy meaning of World created by you.
                 None will understood the You as thy dont want us to.
        Born with a determination and die with the same.
                 Lord is there ,just call his Name."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Am I alone?(Diary of a Psychomaniac)

Evening 9:00 PM :
General curosity when you dont have anything to think about...Who you are? What you are doing here?
Am I not eligible enough to capture the image of Life?If no, When will I be or will I ever be ?Whats so scray about life?No i dont have answer to these furious questions,neither do any philosphical Guru may have that.
    Jumped curiously to explore new cities.Business is the reason i have given to my self but actually wanted to take out the scary part that exist in me so as to live quitely one day.Some one had said "You will have to risk everything once you would like to know the answer of self"
    Living in ragged house with a Television for entertainment, or may be to gather global knowledge.I took pills to stop this feel of Deja Vu arising with in me.Wanna fight to someone to take out this fear,Am a warrior,next ray of hope for self.I want this fear to come out of myself ,it goes and comes.No one but me is responsible for what I am doing.Need to control my self,have to work hard but I am suffering from Insomania and sleep deprevation if thats the right word I have been told by physicians.Dont any physician ever come across this zeal of sleep deprevation If no, How do they know so much about it.Bookish stuff,they had prepared a thesis on those ...Yeah yeah i know all that expert degrees that had helped them to restore their ingenuity.Only way to get out of this situation is have determination thats not an expert suggestion thats what my real experience is wondering of.
    Bhagvat Gita , a great literature and epic reminds us all the saga of Life thats all is coming and going through me.Am I alone with this kind of feeling No right ?
     Standing on the road alone with a curved path ,a big mountain on one side and a deep valley on the other.Standing there with my eyes closed in the middle of the road and a car then suddenly a a great thunder blow of wind hit my face..But whats that sound..a sound of horn may be and its coming closer,closer and closest and then a sharp hit in the stomach and everything goes black..............
        All the nursery rhymes are coming back,Humpty dumpty sat on wall....,Jack and Jill went up the hIll....,Machli Jal ki rani hai......,then the voice of Grand ma "Padoge likhoge banoge Nawab....."
Mama running behind "Oh My GOD!!Have this glass of milk..."Papa scolding "When will you grow up......"
My voice"You know what..whether you win or loose I am always with you"
Her cute face with jet black hair falling ..she said half weeping "What you think ..this is not a movie...We can never live together..............."
      No ,no it cannt happen,she is going with some one else a great smile on her face .....she dumped me.No she can never dump me, i am better than that guy.Alcohol,Ciggrattes,Marijuana....................
        I need to work hard ,get together all the things need to buy everything money can buy..I need power,I need money to buy Power.I can work Hard.I have proved hundereds of times and i can prove it once again. pe pe .......Blank......................................
       All the voices are coming together
   "Allah Ho akbar Allah......"
      :Jai hanuman Gyan gun sagar....'
         " Showers of Blessing....Showers of Blessing we need"
                "1Omkar..sat namm karta purakh"
   And it ends ............I am asleep.
         "Wake up Lock the door ......"
Late again..Prepare Breakfast cum lunch save money,make it fast have to handle many issues ,fight with supervisor ask for grades and promotions................Crap.......1st have to catchup shuttle, need to rush for office .................................

Saturday, January 2, 2010

War of Words : Verbatim Vs Intentions (FPS n 3i)

My roomy want me to take for 3i,no doubt the biggest controversial film today.Who is the real author of the movie.A big question mark?'N' no. of fans of CB are claiming the movie is not as good as book (as per Chetan himself).I do have read the book before and seen the movie today itself.
     Chetan wants the credit for his baseline story and he is making the media count for the Verbatim of the movie director "After all, we love writers and a king should treat another king with respect. You are family"(~ something like that ).I have read the blog of Mr. Chetan Bhagat and what he is trying to claim is out of my reach.He is saying he should be given the Credit for the Script writer,though he has already been given the credit of Assistant Writer.And on the other hand he has given Mr.Amir Khan a clean chit saying he has not read the book so it has nothing to do with  him.He has already been given the Compensation for his Assistant writer title in film.Considering the Verbatim of the Amir "Chetan came to me during shooting the film and said there is no need to read  the book as script is very different from the book"
      I am not very sure about his demands from film or film unit.Yes they do have taken some scenes from his books but the entire story or the Basic theme of the story is no where related to the book.He is a good novel Writer and I do appreciate his writing among the Common people of India.He wrote FPS with the basic Subtitle as "What not to do at IIT" so his fable was going around the same fascination.Though the zeal and heart of the movie lies around Mr.AK and they have treated him as the Center of Attention in the whole film.Chetan has given the kind of Biographical fictional views in his book while the movie goes around the intention change of the Educational System.
     Yes,both of them have tried to put some humorous as well as emotional touch to the story and they do deserve a pat on their back for making such an intesified and brilliant fable which the actual Cinema and writing deserve in INDIA.Mr.Amir Khan was and is a brilliant actor in every aspect.No doubt in saying, Amir is One Man Army.Chetan is groping around with intention of getting a tag of the Reformist which he has played in his latest book (2 States) with the kind of Publicity, he can get by raising this Credit issue.I wonder why he has not made any issue or contradictory statment when "Hello" was released which is based on his novel "1 Night @ Call Center".May be because it was not a big blockbuster.Yes he was the Script writer of "Hello" but that technically implies that he is a bad script writer though may be a good novel Writer.
    Coming back to comparison,recently released "New Moon" which is also based on Stephnie Meyer's "Twilight Saga"can also be the part of the such kind of controversy as there are many missing part in the movie from the fable of the Book.
    Fictional fantasies are and will always be uncomparable in writing and screen.Rather, you can relate the two easily and amiss can never be rectified.
    This fancy word war will last for few days more in media and will burn out of the mind of Public till they get some new Masala to digest.My empathy is with Mr.Chetan and suggestion not to take it personally and go to ISCKON (unless he really want to go there and become a Krishna's bhagat).He should keep up his humrous and cheerfull skill if he really want to be a reformer then a revolutionist.We can hope for "ALL IS WELL" mantra to work for both the parties to come out of their dilemma.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas with a Vampire

"Good evening!"he said to me in beautiful and calm tone as he walked around the lobby of my building .I was so stressed to look at the persons passing by."Good evening, Miss Gonsalvize"he repeated bowing down a little on his flat stomach so as to reach near to my face.
My eyes met his and a thought occured.........'He's really a breathtaking gentleman'....."Oh Yeah !Merry Christmas,Son"I replied  in a rough and shaky tone of a septuagenarian.He lived alone 2 apartment away from mine.He always used to pass morning ,noon and evening wishes when we see each other outside our main doors.
He urged"Just want to let you know ,I will be vaccating the apartment by the year end".
"You must be moving outside country,am I right?Hope you aren't Xenophobic"I smiled and replied.
"No mam,I am shifting to Santa Clara back to my parents" He answered.
"Oh thats great!Please visit us on Christmas"I said just to be formal.
"Surely I will"answering he walked away from me urgently hiding his face with hand to his apartmrent door and slammed the door.

It was Christmas eve and my friends get together was getting over at my apartment.As everyone left,Lisa and I were cleaning up the tables.Door bell rang.Lisa rushed to open the door and stopped suddenly.
"Merry Christmas!Is Miss Gonsalvize home?"he asked Lisa.
Lisa was shocked seeing such a beautiful young guy,she just giggled"Yeahhhh..she is in"
"If you don't mind Can I come in?"he said
"Yes.....Granny someone is here to see you"saying she ran to kitchen.
As I walked in to drawing room,he was standing with a beautiful gift wrapped perfectly in his hands.
"Merry Christmas,Mam!this is a small present for you"
"Presents are for children,I am too old for it"
"I am moving tonight,as You are the first one in this town to invite me for Christmas so I thought it will not seem good to go for christmas cake empty handed"so straightforwardly he urged.
"Please have a seat I wil bring some cake for you dear"
And we spent around 4 hrs talking,watching TV and cleaning up the mess in the house.
When he walked out he waved Good Byee to me and Lisa.
After he left,Lisa went to bed and as I was not feeling so tired was shuffling the TV channels.
And in that instant,it stucked "I have never asked the name of the guy visited,who he is,How he knoe my name?or why he joined us after Christmas Eve"
I rushed towards the pile of gifts wrapped around in the corner and started searching for the gift he gave to me.I unwrapped the present and found that there was a key,a square shaped wooden piece wrapped in a paper and a red colored scented paper on which something was scrubbled.
I grabbed by old specs from the table and started reading the letter.
I was unable to read it properly as writing was full of concatenated words written in Latin and English.
"Merry Christmas my child, May Lord bless you the power and exhilaro life!
te must be wondering who me?
Let me get it straight ,as there is nihil to hide here from te.
Alina,te are my friend's daughter.
Actually speaking,I am a Vampire.Your abbas is also a Vampire.
I know it is a kind of Crazy stuff for you at this age.
But your father and I are good friends for about a century now.
Infortunium,Nature also plays around with us when we are about to reach our Destiny.
It all began after you were born,Your father had discovered a new drug and went to Arctic Ocean for further research with me. 
 We went there and like a nightmare enatagled us that night.
We went to an old bar and were so drunk that returning from there fell down in cemetry and I felt a little pin stuck my throat.
That was our last night as human and morning we felt we were getting burned by the Sun,so ran into a cave at the end of cemetry.
We had been transformed already.Your abbas hunted a human at the park near by cemetry already and was feeling so guilty to himself.I fed my self on chickens and goats at the farm house.
When we were back home,a struggled was waiting for me to contol your father who had already developed a fascinated appeal for your mother's blood.
I remember once he said to me "I cannot control my self once she is near by as she is bearing my own personal manly scent in herself".
 Knowing this all,next morning we found your mother dead in her bed,she had commited suicide wanting us to change you also.But your father was against it.
Because of his already developed animal instinct,he decided to go back to the Groups of our type and I were given the responsibility of taking care of you.
As you were growing up and I  was not beacuse of my transformation,I decided to leave you to my nephew and was always around you,unagnosco.
Alina,I was always around you though you were not knowing me.You got married,had kids and now are alone again.
I was there with you always,whether you won or lose.
But now time has changed,I need to go back to your father.You are mortal and you have to die,how can I see you dying?
I have left the key of my apartment in this box,so as you can recollect the memories of your family.
The apartment has everything as it is,we had at the time you were born.
Its time to go Merry Christmas once again.

You will always be a Darling to us."
P.S. Don't come in our search as its your abbas wish.

Your Uncle !!
Monster Ben

I ran madly toward his apartment,opned the main door with the key and rushedin.Everything was in proper place,small wooden rack,a century old Kingsize bed,round old dinning table,a chandalier in the foyer.
Table in the corner was decorated with the snaps beautifully collaged in frames.
Everything was clean and covered with white clothes.
I was unable to sleep whole night.
Next morning,I asked watchman about my Uncle.He said in his 30 years here he has never seen the person coming in and out of the apartment.Though he used to go sometimes for long trips in nights.
No one in the neighbour was having any info of him.

Monday, December 21, 2009

He's KHAN,Who you are??

"My Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist",such a confidential and emotional tone of SRK is heart touching for so many Indian-Muslims who are still facing the savage treatment within and outside their own country.Terror signifies what?A Race,A Creed or a man with beard.....actually what?
Actual meaning of Terror lies in ther heart of the people who had been haunted by the selfish nature of some of the cruel ,pitiless persons who are making the world to fulfill their unrealistic demands.Are all of them Khans? I don't know........may be ,may be not.Whoever they are,Obviously they are suffering from obsession of their cheap ruthless desires which they vaguely remember.Are they doing by their own will?dutifully speaking answer is a big 'NO'.Their malign nature is a result of the orderly tyrant who want to rule by slaying.
          Do we remember actually our aim of life?Statistically only 0.5-1 percent of Common man  do know his destination.Don't we belong to the selfish race trying to fufill its little desires for no purpose at all.Are we all not working for Someone we are unaware and technically making him acquainted to what he want or deserve.So comparing the facts and making a relationship we are Terrorists..right?Nay,Nay ..We cannot be terrorist we are socially civilized persons and we do know the meaning of respect and love for others.Actually we are the sophisticated class who knew how to raise their issues and have (mind) power to get those resolved.This is the only differentiation among us both.
           Terror hitherto had been a political isssue but  basically,it is and always was the issue of the common man.We all want to dodge the terror from our Society so threat should not be  there in the children of next generation.
           And to make it done we have have to know who we are and surely the list of irrfutable facts will help in resolution of this globally-social problem.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar

People are watching the new 3D flick launched recently with a high passion and great enthusiasm.
My hats off to James Cameron not only for making such an articulative and imaginative Hollywood flick which is rocking world but also his knowledge of internet loving GenX. Choosing the subject "Avatar" which is basically popular among the new generation folks,which technically refers to their new personification on Internet.Actually these folks are new generation dude who thought themselves of a new incarnation and taking out their frustration keyboard by twittering , chatting ,blogging ( no doubt like me).Avatar is the character technically made for the guys like us who are introducing new breed in every area of the knowledge,communication,politics,engineering,medicine and so on .This is making the people more democratic and eloquent to express their ways of making the world a better place to live in. Avatar also refer to the people who are living dual lives Simultaneously, one which they actually want to live ,life of imagination, of fairy tales and breaking boundaries to show the world who they are and they also have got an unique global identity which they can name themselves (coolguy, nicegal ,mjohn ......) and other one as boring,realistic and following unwanted Orders.Avatar has all the qualities pref etched into the character they want to be.
No doubt Avatar is a GenX's first choice which leaves an impression of vigilant,susceptible and ambitious human beings who are really in hunger of being what they want to be and not what they can be.Technically speaking ,they are auspicious species who are connecting world of spiritualism to the modern Era of technology.Their network is Global,charm is undying and spirit is energetic.
And you know what the best part of taking an avatar on internet is, you are anthropomorphic.
You can play GOD with a syringe of undying Power and incarnate yourself to the more masculine or feminine nature you want to play.
The Avatar on internet gives the individual a power of influential perception among their Own Global network as well as can make it public.GenX is really transforming itself to a way they are being influenced by.If they watch a Zombie movie and are thinking like that,they are the Zombie in their Avatar in next few minutes speculating the World with their newly developed imagination and fascination for fictional fantasies.
So James Cameron's Avataris actually worth watch,impressionable and full of valour.
3D effects are amazing and totally paisa wasool :).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Famous Infamy

We are dealing with the hot current affairs of Nobel and Booker prizes which are being awarded to the most deserving candidates in different area of their expertise or non-expertise,it depends on an individual's prespective.
President Obama won the Nobel Prize for Peace though as per many critics he was non- deserving in a very small span of his Presidency.They also criticize him as he has not taken any deserving step to be winner.Let me ask you this way, what if he has won the prize for peace even if he is non deserving.Let him give a break guys,what are we challenging actually ,the authority of the jurors who have taken the decision.It leads to the question mark on the merit of the jurors themselves.
If a person at that kind of position is given such a big reward for whatever be the effort he has put, is not that lead to the a great responsibilty on him to keep the honour of the same.
These guys would be representing the new breed of their skills.
Another question mark present on the renowned brand says:Is there always a show off of Power and money behind deservence of a title?if some one is making a showoff of the Power and money for deservence of the title it means he is capable of making such a publicity that people are accepting with a huge respect for the person.What's bad in that this is his money whether it is inherited or earned by him own.He has a full right to spend it in a way he want it to.
What if he is spending it in earning of the publicity and name.
Whatever be the reason for earning publicity and renownship,it will always lead to the capability of the person who has owned it and will lead him to a challenge he has to face because of the same.Being famous is more easier in today's world either because of media or becuase of person's in-born talent or because of the marketing strategy taken by the individual.
Being famous will always lead to talent ownership.

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